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Home Base Showroom / Quarta & Armando

INTERNI: Design is the New Normal

Cool Spaces: Tapa Tapa

Тапас и вино: бар Tapa Tapa в Шанхае

Tapa Tapa

Tapa Tapa Restaurant / Quarta & Armando

Barefoot in Shanghai, China by Q&A Architecture Design Research

Barefoot Photography Studio / Quarta & Armando

Due to social media one-upmanship, portrait studios are clicking in China

A toy box for a photography studio


LA.Prime Kitchen

La Prime Kitchen, China by Q&A Architecture Design Research

Italiani all’estero: lo studio Q&A a Shanghai

A Shanghai bar defies physics by putting concrete and glass close together

FRAME Night Fever 6: Saltimbocca

Divisare: Tre Vin

HINGE Tasting Menu: Saltimbocca

Saltimbocca by Q&A Architecture Design Research

Barraco / Quarta & Armando

Bob Magazine: Barraco

A Brazilian bar in Shanghai

AIT: Neue Bar I – Gefundenes recycelt

A Tropical Inspired Bar In China Uses Reclaimed Materials And Swings In Its Design

Divisare: Barraco

Barraco bar, China, Q&A Architecture Design Research